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Winter Waterfalls

One of the nice things about winter is that it rains a fair bit in Victoria, and that means the waterfalls start getting a bit of flow going. I've been to a few waterfalls on the outskirts of Melbourne in the nearby rainforests around Olinda and Sherbrooke. Both of these places are great for day walks and picnics, and highly recommended if you enjoy bird watching and wildlife. Dawn is a great time to be in the forest when the birds wake up and join together for the morning birdsong. Here are a couple of images from the day walks I've made. I found that going off the beaten path is always a bit more interesting. Watch this space for more of Victoria's waterfalls, there are plenty to explore and enjoy!

The rainforest around Olinda Falls with one of its many little streams leading to the main falls.

The forest around Sherbrooke and the clear creeks that flow down to the falls.

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