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Macro at the Museum

Spring is here and so are the flowers. Even though I suffer from hayfever at this time of the year, I still enjoy getting out and about in the gardens to discover what kinds of flowers they're going to put out. At Melbourne Museum there's a native garden included as part of its galleries. This place is called Milarri Garden - Milarri means 'outdoors' in Boon Wurrung and Woi Wurrung, the traditional languages spoken in this part of Victoria. This garden is planted with native flora significant to the Aboriginal people of south-eastern Australia. The plants here are predominantly indigenous Victorian plants. There are many tiny orchids and flowers on the trees and ground shrubs and it's the perfect place for enjoying some macro photography. Some of the flowers are barely a few millimetres in size.

A purple delight.

A tiny ant crawls over mini orchid-type flowers looking for food.

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