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Live music is back!

After almost six months of lockdown and no live music for nearly a year, Melbourne is back! One of the final livestream gigs from Memo Music Hall in St Kilda was with Ron S. Peno and the Superstitions. It was so great to hear them play again and be in the hall to photograph the virtual event. Ron, Cam Butler, Mark Dawson, Tim Deane and Andy Papadopolous were all amazing and the sound was phenomenally good. The feeling of live music is something that gives me a lot of energy, which is why I love to photograph live gigs - especially our local independent artists. Check them out when you have the chance!

Ron S. Peno

Ron S. Peno and the Superstitions

Andy Papadopoulos

Tim Deane

Mark Dawson

Ron S. Peno

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