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Shooting architecture in -2 degrees

At the end of July I had the pleasure of shooting for Hindmarsh Construction and CK Architecture documenting the exterior of the Margaret Hendry School Expansion Project in Canberra, ACT. It was great to get out and do some architectural photography again. Getting up at 5.30am in -2 degrees with a sheet of ice encasing the car made for an interesting start to the day. At least the sky was gorgeously blue and we scored a lovely soft, orange sunset. Was fun getting the NiSi filters out again, too. Shot with the Nikon Z6ii paired with Nikon Z 20mm prime for almost all the shots. Used the Tamron 15-30mm on the FTZ adapter for the wide angle sunset images paired with a NiSi medium grad filter. Many thanks to Shoba, Kirsty and Jemma for their great company and support.

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