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Astrophotography Fun!

Earlier this year I had my first go at astrophotography. I wasn't sure where to go so just headed north past Mount Macedon and ended up on a dirt road somewhere between Lancefield and Romsey. A herd of curious cows came and joined us as we stood in the freezing cold with the Milky Way high overhead. My first attempt resulted in a just few shots that worked, while the bulk were out of focus - it seems I hadn't quite got the hang of it yet. We went and took another trip out to Malmsbury Reservoir this month and had much better luck with keeping the stars in focus and ended up with many more usable images - and freezing hands! I'll definitely be giving astrophotography another go before the core of the Milky Way leaves us for the year.

My first go at astrophotography. One of the few usable images from a freezing night north of Mount Macedon.

My second go at astrophotography at Malmsbury Reservoir.

Managed to get both ends of the Milky Way in two separate shots.

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